Μία φωτογράφος θέλει να σου αλλάξει την κακή γνώμη που έχεις για τα ποντίκια

Εσύ ακούς «ποντίκι» και ψάχνεις καρεκλίτσα ν' ανέβεις αλλά κάποιοι αποδεικνύεται πως δεν τρέφουν όλοι τα ίδια αισθήματα γι' αυτό. Όπως η Diane Özdamar, μια Γαλλίδα φωτογράφος- illustrator με μεγάλη αδυναμία στα ζωάκια και ειδικότερα, στα ποντίκια. Η Özdamar μη δει ποντίκι, στέκεται και το φωτογραφίζει στις πιο γλυκές φωτογραφίες.

Βρωμιάρικο το ποντικάκι; σιχαμένο; ξανασκέψου το. Η Özdamar έχει υιοθετήσει αρκετά τρωκτικά, μία συνήθεια που διατηρεί εδώ και αρκετά χρόνια. Το αποτέλεσμα είναι αρκετά χαριτωμένο.

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An extremely lucky shot of my adorable Kjalarr 🙂 Some years ago, my rats were roaming free in my apartment during summer, the windows were open and a ladybug flew in. It landed on Kjalarr’s back, which immediately reminded me of the red fabric with black polka dots from my photo backgrounds collection. As my mini photo studio was always set (I just had to change the backgrounds, the lights stayed there fortunately! 🙂 ), I grabbed that background, quickly duct taped it to the wall, grabbed Kjalarr and the ladybug that was wandering on his back, gently pushed the ladybug onto his face (I think it didn’t like it as it folded its legs, sorry ladybug…) and took a couple of shots before the ladybug unfolded its wings and legs and flew away by the same window. Kjalarr was so used to get tasty rewards when « posing » that he didn’t even mind and stood there without moving until he would get his treat 😀 I wish I had caught the moment when the ladybug took off but I didn’t manage to do it unfortunately, it would have made an even better shot 🙂 (As per usual, no animal has been harmed in any way during the shooting) This picture is featured in my upcoming book « Fancy Rats, Portraits and Stories », published by Amherst Media (official release date August the 15th, 2018). #rats #rat #ratsofinsta #ratsofinstagram #fancyrats #fancyrat #rattylove #cute #adorable #adorable_animals #animal #animals #cuteness #cutest #cutestuff #ladybug #hoodedrats #rescuerats #rescuerat #sweetness #ladybird #ladybugs #agoutirats #agoutirat

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